Washday Art Prints
Item # 52
Limited Edition
33" x 14"
Plus 2" borders
" Washday "

by Dona & Jerry Locklair

Item # 51
Signed Edition
21" x 9"
Plus 2" borders

Washday has been a routine activity worldwide ever since clothes have been worn.      Before electricity, most people washed their clothes in their backyards.     Washing clothes was a laborious job requiring family participation.     They drew water from a well or pumped it with a hand pump to fill the tubs used for scrubbing and rinsing their clothes.      Home-made lye soap and 20 Mule Team Borax were their detergents.       The family used big black iron wash pots in which to boil their clothes.     The outside activities surrounding this old house are truly memorable ones of "Washday".

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All Prints and Original Artwork copyright by Dona & Jerry Locklair