University Of South Carolina Art Prints


by Dona & Jerry Locklair

Item # 12
Signed Edition
18" x 12"
Plus 2" borders

This is a composite painting representing several important aspects of the University of South Carolina.     The horseshoe entrance gates lead one into the painting.      On the left forefront is the Caroliniana Library, the oldest college library in the United States.     On the right forefront is the Rutledge College building, the oldest building on campus.     In the center area is the famous gamecock painted in a realistic form.      The top left structure is the business administration building, and the top center is the old McKissik Library, now the McKissik Museum.      The top right structure is the Williams-Brice Football Stadium, known nationally for Gamecock championship football.

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All Prints and Original Artwork copyright by Dona & Jerry Locklair