Southern Plantation Art Prints

Item # 54
Limited Edition
15" x 18"
Plus 1-1/2" borders
" Tanglewood Plantation "

by Dona & Jerry Locklair

Item # 55
Signed Edition
7-1/2" x 9"
Plus 1-1/2" borders

     This Greek Revival ante-bellum southern plantation house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is located in Lee County, South Carolina, USA .      The plantation dates back to a 1747 land grant from the king of England.   This is the second house built on the same location.    The house has a hand-hewn super structure, with finished boards that were sawn by the pit saw method and planed smooth by hand.   The house was built in 1840 by the Reverend William Smith, using skilled slave labor.   When General Sherman and his men marched through South Carolina burning and destroying almost everything in their path, the slaves of Tanglewood took refuge in the house and refused to leave, therefore saving it from sure destruction.   Tanglewood is the birthplace and home of  US Senator Ellison DuRant "Cotton Ed" Smith, who served in the US Senate longer than any other senator in history at the time of his death.   Senator Smith’s brother, Coke Smith, who was born at Tanglewood, was the Methodist Bishop of Virginia and published many books.   Their nephew, John Andrew Rice, a prize winning author who wrote for Collier's Magazine, was also born here.   Dona and Jerry Locklair purchased Tanglewood from Senator Cotton Ed Smith's granddaughter Isobel S. Stewart in 1991.   After some restoration of the grounds, the Locklair family moved to Tanglewood where they lived for several years.   On Feburary 24, 1996 Jerry Locklair suffered a massive heart attack while preparing for tour bus groups to visit the plantation.  The restoration project soon became too stressful for Jerry's heart condition, so the Locklairs sold Tanglewood to Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Goddin from Virginia, where the Goddins now reside.

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All Prints and Original Artwork copyright by Dona & Jerry Locklair